how gods kiss

i remain

brilliant and enduring

still the same braggadocio

adventures to take

but also i have built foundations

raised up helpless loves

into independence

where there was chaos

I rode it like a loa

But where I have lost

they carved sage advice into my bones

taught me painful lessons I’ve applied

And continue to,

And so, I play with

An informed twinkle in my eye

I remain

Constant, knowing my value




Take you with the confidence

Of conquering monarch

Slake my thirst between your thighs

And rebuild whatever damage I wrought

On the path past

Your house

Walk through the door

And take my place

Give me your divine feminine

Your strength is not mine

But we dance,

Kali and Shiva,

Ma’at and Thoth

Zeus and Hera

We are but gods in mortal form

Taste the divine lightning

On your teeth like blood



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