Weekend Omnibus


My poetry is an expression and an extrapolation on my thoughts and feelings. Chuck Palahniuk said all art is an x-ray, but like any data, it is subject to interpretation.


So, it is not a torrent of obsession, more a process where I speak when the need arises. I edit and craft them, but it is a balance between ensuring the raw emotion and images are there but also wanting to share something with a sense of craft to it.

I write every day, and most of it goes unseen, usually as part of whatever long form projects I have going on.

There’s wealth in poetry, but not money.

If I’ve made you feel something, then my work is done.

But if you’re feeling something, then you have a chance to reward me for your entertainment.

So, sometimes I shake the hat, not often but I believe in my worth and work.

So, I put down the pen and offer the battered hat.


Also, if you liked any of these, share them with your friends and followers.

A collection of the poems published this week on mbblissett.com







So, thank you for reading and feeling my work.





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