As Night Falls

Agreeable in my


To call what you inspire

Hunger is too prosaic

It is transubstantiative

Each cell of you

Dripping with the divine feminine

An ocean which quenches 

In each dive

To caress on the verge of clawing

To make you my glove

Your pulsing, aching flesh

Wrapped around my fingers

To paint without colour

On and in your skin

Rapacious in the taking

And to reduce

Elevate you

Some divine feminine sluttishness

But mine

Beautys mistake was to refine 

The beast but you’re smarter than that

Baby girl,

A companion by day and propriety

Oh but as night falls

Even in the abstract

You make of me

Something animal

and you will drink


Feel me as gods hang for nine nights

From world trees

And when released 

I will carve a new world 

From the corrupted ashes 





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