Beneath Your Light, Above My Fury

another favourite

MB Blissett

My fur bristles

At the thought of you

My muscles swell

Beneath your light

My gums ache as new anatomy emerges

I am transformed by your beauty

Made ferocious by the alchemy

Capable of tearing you to pieces

With the gravity of my lust

Licking you all over in rasping, gentle strokes

Let me kiss the curse of thought

Away. Here in the earth

We roll around,

Cover one another in our filth

Play without shame or concern

For anything beyond kindling the bright, delicious fire

Of our want

Come at me, hold nothing back

In my transformation,

I am strong enough to handle you

Your emotions are a breeze on the water

To me, a turbulent ocean to

Others who battle without understanding them

No, here I rest

Beneath such light

I inhale your scent

Follow it through darkness

Into the deepest parts

Of you

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