beauty, love, poetry, women


You can never tell them

The depth of feeling

All the subtleties

How sometimes,

You can sit there and just look at them

And it is enough

That you’ve learned from the past

Enough to still wonder if you’re getting it right

And sometimes asking

Would undermine the point

So, instead

You listen and pay attention

Learning she’s not there to fix you

But she feeds something in you

You didn’t even know you were hungry for.

All things turn

And you’re antifragile

You’ve been in kitchens and were

lovingly rejected


But the thought of it makes you determined

And she smiles like a sunrise

You could drown her in the babble of feeling

She inspires but instead you make tea

Rub her feet

And if she doesn’t know

You show her

Because, you’ve learned

It’s your turn




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