A fine pair of monsters

By moonlight,

I approach, smooth but determined,

Finding poetry in the scent of your skin

The way your flesh feels to my chill fingers

What sounds you make,

The contented murmurs of someone

Willing to be fed upon

But this is just a part

For in some ways,

I am formal and controlled,

Control and discipline to a deathless


But that same moon

Draws out the animal within

And it has such an appetite,

Rough paws pinning,

Wet nose and hot breath,

Fur teeming with perspiration

As it holds you down

Uses you over and over,

It knows you, and how best

You can be taken

To meet

To meat

So, here I am,

I shall love you as a vampire

Fuck you

As a werewolf

What a fine pair of


I make



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