We can still

Know where everything

Everyone is

And be lost

Home isn’t somewhere

You’d have receive mail

Just as you won’t always find

God in the church

And my wildness has known

The shadows of bars

Falling asleep in captivity

But home is a person

As much as a place

And I fall into

Space with you

Kisses like

Twinkling lights

Hands as pilgrims

Slip past the gates

Of your clothes

Warm from sleep

And set them to



One thought on “Pilgrim

  1. Brilliant, Matt. You take a quick sketch, what some might glance at without so much as a second thought, but then you develop it with your journeyman’s skill into a painting so exquisitely executed as to make me insist on multiple viewings. Each more comfortable than the last. I am in awe of how your work has changed over time. Your journey has been one of pain but always poise. Keep them coming, mate.

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