poetry, politics

Cigarette Break

Someone who

Went to a better school

Holidays in places

Most of us see only in magazines

Tells me about my privilege

Because of the structural nature

Explained like this,

Words I’ve read but not heard pronounced before,

Phrases with the sheen of practice

To them,

Qualifications emerge on my lips

But there’s a light in their eyes

When they’re speaking





The edge of something sharp

And as they lecture,

I wonder

Who they’re really talking to,

Because I don’t think they see me,

Just my sex,

My skin,

And isn’t there a name

For that behaviour?

But I say nothing,

Wondering if these feelings

Would be cast aside

If they were in charge,

Because it starts with ambitions

And romantic notions,

It ends in lists,

And not poems,


And not songs,

Fair isn’t too much to ask,

But we cannot build

Anything strong on

Such inconstancy.

Still, not my hill to die on,

And sure it’s my fault,

But I’m not invited to anything

I didn’t create myself

So instead I smile,

And thank them

For their opinion.


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