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to skip into the garden and play.

The dominant current of my weather,

Somewhere between a storm

And a bright, cloudless day

Dancing beneath the light,

Giggling at the rumble of thunder

You skip into the garden to play

Draw my attention so I’m

Watching from the doorway,

Enchanted by the joy of your face

All the small pieces matter,

But sometimes I take a pure,

Child like delight

Basking in you for a moment.

You are free to be small

The guilt of need gone

Like a bad dream upon waking

I sit, in stoic observation

Or focused purpose

But some part of you

Calls to me

Across space

Across time.

Framed in sunshine

Cloaked in dusk

It’s almost too much to bear

But not quite

More likely

It’s never enough,

But we deserve to love

And be loved like that


If not for a moment.


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