kissing in a burning building

Imagine being handcuffed

To a maniac

In a burning building

I’m the maniac

The fire which licks the walls

To ashes

And trying to pull away

But the heat

The light

The smoke comes from my pores

A blissful, blessed burning

A form of insanity

Chosen, celebrated


Reviled, mocked without

But the fire burns away

The nerves

And the maniac tells

Me the truth when

I’m willing to listen

A good dream awaits

And I grab you

Pin you down

Make you hotter

Than the fire

More insane

Than the lunatic

Fuck the light into you until

It comes through your


Fill you for days

Then you might know

As a shadow, cooling and languid,

Falls across me

Smouldering fire

Sleeping lunatic

And I rub my beard against you

Wanting you basted

In my musk

But it’s a moment’s relief

A spark

Dancing on the breeze like

A drunken moth

The lunatic awakes

And I smile

Breathe deep the smoke

And welcome the kiss

Of my flames


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