The Day, And All Its Colours

Tender for the years

That have passed

Silver in my beard

The signs of wisdom

I hope not weariness

Sit with me in silence

Spill the deluge of your day

And let it soak my skin

But not my soul

You’ve a rock to rest upon

A shelter who knows when

To let the sunlight in

Red in tooth and claw when

Called upon,

Not the wet nosed puppy

Too impressed with you

To be useful

But a larger, rougher

Beast who stays their paws

Except to rub your feet

And growl for you

To tell me of your day

And all its colours.

I shall make you small

Safe but never


Seen but not worshipped

And here, as the sunlight fades

Pastel washes pooling in your


I’m thick with wonder.

Kiss me

To compelling silence


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