So I am 116 pages into the first draft of my science fiction adventure novel in longhand, and I am writing short stories for submissions to anthologies, which means I can’t share them until they’re rejected so forgive the odd lapse in content but there’s only so many hours in the day to achieve everything and being published is part of my overall purpose.

There will be episodes of The Transformation coming soon and I’ve also made notes towards wrapping up The Wild Man and The Bridge series, both of which were curtailed by personal circumstances but will be completed as I hate leaving things unfinished. Once I’ve finished the first draft of the science fiction novel, then I will be editing a completed first draft of an earlier book (possibly my English Religious Cult Thriller or Police Corruption Thriller, which aren’t their titles by the way) for submission to my agent and then publishers.

I love what I do. When someone points out I am a little too prolific, I have a moment of cognitive dissonance because I love my process, but sometimes I wonder if I’m frightened of any degree of success on a level I

*shakes hat after performance*

If you enjoy my writing and poetry, and feel so inclined, here’s a way you can show your appreciation.


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Thank you for reading my work, it means a great deal to me. If something I’ve written has cheered you up or even passed some time, that’s the reason I got into this in the first place.


5 thoughts on “Update

    1. thank you so much, I’m keen to finish it although it’s more been a matter of going through old episodes and remembering the plot threads I’ve set up. With The Transformation, there’s a bible with all the points in there, its a matter of time versus my other writing projects but it means a lot that you’re enjoying it

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