The Game

No one tells you

The rules

The dice rolls

Their results,

Outcomes and from

Behind the screen,

The dungeon master

Describes the scene

And you’re always

Forced to improvise

Worn character sheets

Curled at the edges

Pencil marks faded

Like old lover’s kisses,

I’m a character class

Of my own design,

And no one loves a predator

Posing as a pet

So I’ve changed alignment,

And the goblins are campaigning

For dungeon occupation rights,

And the villagers are begging

For someone to slay the dragon,

So I sit,

Clear my throat and announce




You’re not a princess

But I’ve come to save you,

Even if I am as big a monster

As any that held you captive

But my lair is warm,

And I would ravish you

Atop a mountain of

Precious gems,

Drink from you

Like a potion of


I play to win

But the adventure started

The moment I saw



Caress my name.


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