And she said

How you’ve changed

And it stung

Like light shone in

My eyes after a long time


Told I’m no better than

Those who believe the

Earth is flat

But all I’ve done

Is stand outside the

Tribe and see what

Is there

Without arming myself

Against it

It doesn’t make me

Better yet still

I seek to save myself,

From myself

And I tried to save

The world but it doesn’t

Work like that

Because we’ve lost the

Art of civil discourse

And I found it

Too late to explain,

We’ve attended a masquerade

Where we can’t tell victims

From actors and now

I want to justify

But I’ve thought about it

As hard as a man can,

And I see the personal

Beneath the political and

The more knowledge I possess

The less certain I am

Of anything past the

Reach of my grasp.


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