Where The Light Gets In

My bones strung

With Christmas lights,

And I feel the light getting out

Through the scars of my

Mistakes but I’ve learned,

How to offer forgiveness,

To those who warrant it,

Silence to those who do not,

And although there have been

Long stretches of velveteen dark,

I made myself real,

And took to the forest,

Fur damp and eyes gleaming,

If the mocking laughter

Reaches me

I’ve attuned my ears

To the envy,

And the pain beneath the


I’ve felt it too,

And not seen it as a demonstration of


I live, laugh, love,

With too much force

To hold within

Without control,

Life is a test or

A celebration,

Sometimes both at the same time,

The lesser demons don’t

Break my skin,

And I see them with pity,

Even as I learn from them,

The earth moves beneath me,

Brings my muse closer,

To home,

A person,

A place

All three,

The same thing.


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