She’s got her mother’s eyes,

Possessed by a certainty

I’m in awe of,

You never tell them

How frightening your love

For them can be,

The language is mostly

Maternal but God

I used to have her sleep

On my chest and every

Little breath was a fortune

In a cookie

‘Don’t fuck this up’.

And I’d know I was willing

To kill the way Gods do

To protect her,

She makes her way,

With what I passed on,

I hope it’s enough

But she’s got her mother’s

Strength and I fear for anyone

Who crosses

Her path

And so I keep the

Feelings to the

Back of my head

Look at her and know

I’ve won something

By the act of trying

And I’ve long since

Forgiven her

For saying I cut her

Fringe when her mother

Found her

And the thing is,

If she’d asked,

I’d have had a go,

To make her happy,

That feeling,

Never goes away.


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