A King Apart

A man is apart,

Gratification delayed,

Indulgences tucked

Into a pocket

For safe keeping,

All the candied softness,

Sweet and begging,

Yet still I rise,

The smell of your skin,

Lingers and eases

The burden,

Fur bearing the trail of

Your lips,

There are battlefields



But kiss me into life,

Bloom with my authority,

And the time held in abeyance

Will not be spent

On empty martyrdom

But the gleeful celebration

Of a king, a warrior, a magician,

A lover coming to claim

What I’ve witheld

Even from myself.


4 thoughts on “A King Apart

    1. Oh no one calls me ‘sir’ unless it’s followed by ‘you’re making a scene’.Control of oneself is important, disparaged by a lot of society and media but it’s important and valuable for a man to maintain. I’m capable of vulnerability but it has to be earned and I’ve no interest in crying or soliciting pity to get on a hierarchy of vulnerability. My emotions go into and come from my art, which you get and appreciate. Your comments make my day, thank you

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