A Different Measure Of Strength

Time has made

Me gentle in

The ways which matter,

A subtle tenderness,

Not a vomiting of

Every slight a man faces,

Yet there are strengths renewed,

The beast you make of me,

Not enslaved but charmed,

And although I gnash

Roar and rend,

The clothes from your

Body and we are locked

Into a tender, bruising knot

Traveling without moving,

And I am judged fairly

For my actions,

When a king like me

Is quiet, you take it

As a compliment and

I soak up the light of

Your attention

And return the same


Bright as the

Dawn after staying awake

All night,

And how the intensity has

Not stolen a moment

From either of us,

Which we haven’t been

Willing to give,

Watching you as we hunt

One another, armed with glances,

Ready to show you more

Of the strength you



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