Hide and seek

Good earth

Trickling between

My fingers,

Wiped against a denim

Thigh as we walk

Away from the teeming


Seized by adrenaline and excitement,

The sway of your hips,

The cloth frame of the dress

You wear highlighting the

Places my mouth and hands,

Wander with impunity,

Think of the days of adventure,

To remove you from

Familiarity into settings

As beautiful as you,

To hide and seek,

Find myself seething with


To open me like

The gift I am,

Rough and forceful,

Tender in the execution of

My will,

A few more steps

All I can bear

Before I claim what is mine

To use you with

Every fibre of being

Sated under blue skies,

This is how I love,

A quiet boldness,

And yours to test yourself


As we wander far

And near to all which we



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