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The Last Of Us

They came for us,

Cut the horns from

Our heads to make us safe,

Left us bleeding in the


Lost to a solipsistic dance,

Of glee,

And if one of my brothers charged

To save his own life,

They shot him and called it

A redress of grievances

Imbalances and how toxic

Our strength made us,

Yet as we dwindled,

Our concerns ignored,

They hunted us in silence,

Decried our existence,

Until it is just me,

I became the last

And now as the sun sets,

I leave the world to them,

Will they miss us,

When we are gone,

Strongest, wildest animal,

And those who loved us,

Kept silent,

But the anger has gone,

Minute in the face of such

Massive tragedy,

But my horn remains

True and upright

Even to

My last



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