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A Request.

Freedom of speech is too important for a society to be dismissed and must be protected at all costs. The realisation of how we don’t have it is an unpleasant situation.

Today, a man, Markus Meechum, is being sentenced for the crime of posting videos where he taught his girlfriend’s pug to raise a paw as a Hitler salute. A ridiculous joke, with no intention beyond satire and yet he’s facing jail for it.

I don’t ask much of you, and yet I am asking today for you to do something to help this man out.

If you’re British, write to your MP and ask them to raise the issue in Parliament. is where you can find your member of parliament and please be polite and cogent in your letter. Avoid swearing or insulting them but point out how such measures have a negative impact on all of us.

There are things worth fighting for and this is one of them.

Do something about it.


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