A King At War, A Queen At Rest.

To write the

Story of my

Reign across the

Kingdom I carry within,

Walls burnished smooth,

With the harsh winds of


An army of weak men waits,


And the only sword to hand,

Sits sheathed on my hip,

But they will, to a man,

Die knowing failure.

My actions are my armour,

My sharpest weapons,

And you, my queen,

Stay safe in the royal bed,

I will forever walk to the

Gates and slay them all,

Return, grinning and exhausted,

Wear the crown and nothing else

Kiss my wounds closed

My expression will not change,

But the actions will

Bloom sweet flowers of

Action on your skin,

Leave your hips singing

With the force of my dominion,

And know you have

Divinity between your thighs.


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