Thank You

I don’t always take the time to say this but each like and comment matters to me. We risk ridicule when we post our art and if something I’ve written has entertained you or distracted you then it’s been worthwhile in the time spent doing it.

So this post is for you. Your attention is currency spent on days when I doubt myself and I could slump in front of the TV.  I hope you keep reading and continue to engage with me here, because you’re a beautiful bunch of people and I’ll keep writing to entertain and express.




4 thoughts on “Thank You

    1. It’s me who should thank you. I spent a long time not writing as I was concerned I sucked at it but it doesn’t matter as doing it gets you better at it. I’m still happy when anyone else likes my work and when I earn a comment from you, it’s a sign I’ve written something of worth.

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      1. Well, I, for one, thoroughly enjoy your writings, poems, and short stories. You are truly gifted and I think you should know that. I would hate for you to shelf your gift. The world needs it. And I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. So, you just keep doin’ what you do and I’ll keep reading! 😉

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