A beast breathes.

Loud in ignorance,

Stuffing down the chaos

Until it clawed at the lining

Of my stomach,

Blood was cold,

Couldn’t feel my legs,

But I kept walking,

Determination being the

Most valuable trait left to me,

But the beast had never sought

My ruination,

Only acknowledgement,


And so in endless twilit

I listened, heard the inherent pleas,

Found within me

The means to bring it to the


Quieter now but not from a lack

Of things to say

But action speaks more eloquent

And when you beg I slip my collar,

Ravish you without restraint,

It is me without pretence,

Baggage smouldering outside,

Here and open to leave

Marks and suffused you in

Dizzying lust,

Read fairy stories and fix

Things without being asked,

When I am not there,

Open the window,

Hear the roar of the wind,

It is my breath

Calling your name.




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