Secret Mansions

Rough with want,

Aching too much

For anything but holding,

But even there,

I give the gift of my strength,

My silence,

Blessing the space

I give you what you

Wrap yourself around me,

Tight as you can,

I breathe through it,

Your goodness, subtle and involving,

Goes to my head like smoke,

Slow strong hands,

Grazing down your back,

Mellow and quiet,

Watching the play of shadows,

And your cheek against my chest,

Fingers grazing my beard,

Cigarette long since dead in the

Ashtray because you’re my drug,

Right now, and I only fight sleep

When I know I can win,

Falling into one another,

Without moving.

Other than a long, slow

Kiss goodnight

A key to the mansions

Of my mind slipped

Beneath your pillow.

All you need do is open the door

Come to my bed, baby girl,



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