To Never Feel Odd

The odd little habits
Seeds of the man I’d become,
Never questioned or mocked,
It never occurred to me,
If I was different
Because you would put a plaster
On my knee if I fell over,
Not worry about what I was reading
I know how much a woman
Gives up to be a mother
And the things you went through
To keep me safe
And even now
With children of my own,
You made it look easy,
But nothing can make up
For the love you have given me


4 thoughts on “To Never Feel Odd

    1. Thank you. My mum was my earliest champion although we have a polite agreement she doesn’t read everything I write as you can imagine but she has always nurtured my individuality without pause. She also tells me that I am too thin and my beard needs trimming but that’s love made manifest.

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  1. I seldom post details about my life, because it’s one thing for me to share but I am protective of other people and their privacy. But I have great people in my life and anyone reading me gets a good sense of who I am. All art is a self portrait or an X ray as Chuck Palahniuk said. Which is why my mum doesn’t read everything I write haha.


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