Storm the walls

Kick down the doors,

Tear it from its hinges

And toss it aside,

No force on earth,

Will stop me,

This relentless

Pursuit of release,

And how such violence,

Is an expression of

Love which rattles the

Windows in their frames,

Afterwards I will be gentle,

But I claim what is mine,

Inviting the bear

To warm up by

Your fire,

Take you in the ashes of

The hearth and slip

Free of

This skin to arrange

You and take


Fill you with my

Force of being,

Gentle in victory,

Make you feel



But I am drawn to

The excitement in your

Eyes and how you

Flush and swell

At my rapacious approach,

Without apologies,

Or explanation,

My paws fall upon you,

The marks will blur

Like rain washes chalk marks,


And in doing so,

Find yourself

Through the certain

Directions of

My fucking fury.






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