I aim to

Break you with

Sweetest brutality,

Soak you into my skin,

Prostrate before me,

Make each nerve ending

Sing like pleasure’s choir,

The only questions

How much can you take?

As a pilgrim dancing,

Suffused in such fierce


I take and give,

A polarity deep

As three a.m.

To compel



Then afterwards,

Soothe the wild honeyed rush

Of your release,

Gentle and full,

Wrapped around me,

Baby girl,

Here you are,

Bare and safe,

From everything



And even my kind of

Mean is something to

Ponder with a smile.





2 thoughts on “Ponder

  1. It’s been a long time since I’ve visited, friend – and you’ve still got the power to both turn me on and inspire me to write. Well done —–

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