Ursine Meditation

My fur,

Warm and soft,

Carrying the scent of

Your skin,

Paws brushing the silken

Skin, capable of bruising dialectic,

Yet held in abeyance,

My lips, full and gentle,

Send prayers,

To the divine feminine,

Held close and have you

Feel my strength,

Apart but not absent,

Centered in the storms

Of the everyday,

Blessed by your lightning,

My roar, louder than

Your thunder,

Here, mouth open and

Drinking your rain,

Without retreating,

The silence afterwards,

Deafening and

Yet my ears remain,

Attuned even as they


Divining the meaning,

Speaking plain,

Acting as the same,

From the cave,

Within myself,

Something authoritative,

Calming and without



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