Dormant on first approach

But beneath,

Surging and boiling,

Immense pressure

Heat coming through

The earth in waves,


Pressures of control

Holding the destruction at bay,

A volcano does not disclose

Its eruption

Seen as destructive,

Geological weaknesses

Turning everything to ashes,

But it is a thing of power,

Harnessed and the tongues of magma,

Flare up powerful but brief,

But they are not the sum of its dynamic,

And should you find yourself

Peering into its depths,

Know it as a place of restraint,

Its heat a recognition of

Profound polarities,

Seeking only to be

Understood through its actions,

Over the roar of


It seeks not to scald

Your autonomy

But to grant life,

To your divine dance

Of being



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