The woods

Follow me down into

The forest,

Where shadows fall,

Thick and velveteen,

I’ll chase you, 

Hide and seek,

Laughing as I find you,

Feeling over thinking,

Entertain me with the 

Mercurial dance of your


Rough with one another,

Crumpled, bunched clothes,

Urgent with need,

Sunlight on bare skin,

I find you, juicy and open,

Invade you with sure, enthused thrust,

Use you and let you feel,

The edge of my fury,

Kisses as bites,

Closing in on 

Bursting animal oblivion,

Clench your callipygian


Spilling and clenching as

We hit divinity,

And I revive you,

The polarity which gives,

Rather than exhausts,

Know the giggling dare of fullness,

And steal a moment of laughter,

Dress and walk back,

Warm secrets trickling down your thighs.


3 thoughts on “The woods

    1. I might get that on a t shirt. I’m deeply flattered by that. I write from my heart and when you think about how we are as humans, there are basic drives we have, and we build identities and stories based upon them. Desire interests me and I write to the divine feminine, if it can be said anything particular defines me. I am self aware and I hope it comes out in the work. I am honoured by your comment.

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