Knight Rises, Dragon Breathes.

I fight a constant war within
Against the chaos
The strength of compensatory
Fantasy makes my shield heavy
My sword blunt
And I will slay the dragon
Tear order from the meat of its chaos
I am independent but still
Conscious and awake
In the moment
Still the smell of
Weakness taints
The moment sometimes
But I breathe deep.
Let me tell you
For you are the risk
Reward, the pull of
Opening up
To show you where
The wounds are
If my silences are harsh
And dissonant
Then it is a sacrifice made
As a consequence of
Pushing forward
Down into the darkness
Where I meet myself
And there I write
Letters I cannot send
Speak truths I cannot say
To throw dynamite
Into the dormant volcano
Of feeling within me
Do you still contend with
Me in this combat because this
Is pooling in me
To fight with you
And remain
I want to pull your hair
Bite your lip
Rend your clothes
Bruise you with
Want and remain
Supine as you bellow
With the savage joy
Of finding a combatant
Willing to stare into
Your chaos
Stripped of egalitarian
Neuroses refined into
I am capable
Of loving violence
And with my hand stayed
By circumstance
They shake,


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