beauty, love, lust, poetry, sex, women

Bedtime Stories

Save your eyes,

Baby girl,

Your warm skin,

Against my fur,

Reading you a story,

Knowing that I have

Your attention,

Make you feel safe

And small,

Drifting off to the deep

Burr of my voice,

Hear your breathing grow

Slow and sweet.


Finishing the story,

Because I know you

Hear me,

A kiss as good as dream,

And you won’t hear me

Whisper how I feel about you

But I say it and speak my truth,

Not a servant

But a generous authority,

If it is noble,

Then I am satisfied with it,

Knowing it grants permission

When you are suffused with

Wildness and collecting bruises,

Like picking flowers in spring,

This is how I love,

Without apologies,

And vulnerable in

A way which doesn’t

Take from either of us,

Love is a verb,

And I am as gentle

As I am strong,

In my account,

A story to send you off,

A kiss drawn out to

The length of dream






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