beauty, love, lust, poetry, sex, women

Ooh la la

Fluent as I am

In silences

Let us not sit

Stewing in exhausted,

Resentful relief,

Take my hand,

The world is a playground, 

We are not to measure

The speed of the 


Nor the arc of the swing,

But to climb and play,

To not outsource 

Your laughter,

To the television,

Wear silly disguises,

Pretend to be 

Spies and thieves,

Baby girl,

Quiet in your kitchen,

I’ve made not plans,

But suggestions,

But take off your shoes,

Come kiss me and run away,

Knowing I’d catch you,

Open in my wanting,

But no slave to it,

Natural and unadorned,

In the truth of 

My desire, 

There is time enough 

For permission

But first, let me pull

Your hair and tease You,

Baby girl, little as you are,

I still handle you and know,

You’ll break when I decide 

Not before,

Come on, before 

You scare yourself into

Thinking too much

About it.

All now is play,

All now is love,

And we will wear sunglasses 

Indoors and use different names

Before we steal kisses 

But I take mine from you.

And fill you with light,

Where others leach it 

By degrees,

And feeling ooh la  LA

Each time I see



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