Baby girl,

You will not test

Yourself as hard

As I will

This is not a bedroom

But a classroom

Laid out 

Supine in surrender

The limits you are aware

Of and require

A firm, strong


Safe word warm in

The pocket of your heart

The creak of leather,

Percussive rattle

Of belt buckle.

Warm breath at your ear,






Daddy knows how 

To make it hurt good

Nerves pinging

Flesh notification

Of my authority,

The alchemical

Dichotomies of 



Where even your pleas

Do not stay

My hand

How far will you

Dive into the ocean

Of yourself

Skin mottled

In regal shades

Stripes on soft skin,

Your tears shed

As acts of liberation

In soft domestic afterword,

You will recall

These lessons,

The breaking point,

Found and surpassed,

Celebrated as you

Weep with release,

Against me,

Having passed into

New skin,

Caressed and held

Made gentle 

This is where

You belong,

Returning to such 

Peaks of electric


As you go about

Your day,

Daddy is never far,

Not when you

Bear my 

Lessons on



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