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3 Lessons



The first lesson of the day:

Biology and Anatomy

The sweet, secret spots

On you which compel

Cries of delight

Rising like butterflies

Into the warm air

Muscles pushing against

My fingers

Soaked in your juices,

Looking into my

Mean face and pushing

Through your limits.


Second Lesson:

Physical Education

Where you ask me

To hurt you

Mottled purple and red

Stripes against pale skin

My belt cracking down

As you writhe with the stinging joy of it.

Weeping afterwards,

Made small and infinite

Cradled in my arms

And I do not fret

I don’t ask what’s wrong,

Baby girl,

Because I know


The last lesson of the day:


I put my fingers

In your mouth

Ache when your

Lips close around them

Your eyes

Finding mine

Eyelids lowered

Like the shades

Nerves singing the first melody,

And we give

Voice to the

Symphony within us

Every day is a school day

Not always the same lesson


But what eager students

And wise masters we are

For one another.



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