Synchronicity draws us closer

For I serve as my own point of origin

A confidence which walks up to arrogance

And asks for the time before walking on,

I pay attention and don’t point it out.

Enjoying the storm,

The ocean of you

No matter how hard it rains

Or how high the waves crash into me

Not because I have nowhere else to go

But because each drop of rain

Is sweet and in the depths of you,

There is treasure

In your behaviour,

Your nuances,

The incongruousness in

Words and demeanour

Which is why I speak with

Actions and save the words

For when I cannot touch you

But when I do,

And I feel you, soft and sweet

Against me

I am compelled to a loving

Brutality where I see you all you are

And beckon you into

My world.

Pushed there by synchronicities

And instincts too deeply rooted

To be reasoned with.

My baby girl, I know

Who you are

What you crave

And nothing about it

Frightens me.






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