Episode 16 – A Knot Untied (Wolf)

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Episode 16:


Kelly rubbed herself against John as they kissed, trembling with the tension which ran parallel with the exhaustion and desire running through her body like summer lightning. He was slow at first, light and gentle kisses but she felt the shudder of controlled muscle tension and the dynamic of a man risking his will in pursuit of pleasure. Kelly sighed as his warm, rough fingers traced concentric circles over her buttery, soft skin and his lips brushed against hers. She felt the rigid, jutting length of his cock through his underwear against her thigh and she pulled him close, wallowing in the languid waves of heat which emitted from his every pore.


He drew back and gazed down at her, his eyes dark with want and a fear of the want arising within him. His scent had darkened and she reached up and touched his face, fingertips grazing against the soft fur of his beard. His lips were parted as he took a deep breath and positioned himself on top of her and supported himself with his hands.


‘No, put your weight on me.’ she said.


He lowered himself down as her arms came around him. Kelly kissed him and pushed herself up against him but he was immovable as he kissed from her lips across her cheek and down along the graceful line of her neck. Each touch of his soft, full lips sets sparks in her nerves until the urgency leaves her breathless and flushed. He raises himself up and stares into her eyes again before returning his attentions to a continued exploration of her skin with his mouth. A beautiful topographical route, a silent meditation upon wonder and each passing moment adds to the fullness of the moment. He shoves her t-shirt over her breasts and runs his rough palms over them before he lowers himself so his mouth is level with hers and he alternates taking each nipple into his mouth, suckling on them with a soft, knowing pressure and pressing them between his fingers until they are stiff and aching in a way which sends bolts of sensation down her spine as she opens her thighs and wraps them around them. The only sound is their breathing, a damp circadian rhythm which rises and falls like the ocean waves as Kelly pressed against him.


He caressed her stomach and when his fingers slipped beneath the waistband of her panties, she gasped and flexed her stomach, lifting upwards to accommodate the raw need which his actions gave voice to. He studied her face as he stroked the soft fur before his fingers drew apart her labia and he eased a finger inside her. She throbbed and moaned as he withdrew it and stroked around her clit with a gentility which took her breath away.


‘You don’t have to be gentle with me. I won’t break.’ she said.


He furrowed his forehead as he removed his hand from between her legs and raised himself onto his knees. Kelly fought a moment of concern before he put both hands either side of her hips and took a grip on the cotton before he tore them off with one easy motion. He threw the two ragged pieces aside and stood up to take his underwear off. Kelly looked at his cock, how it jutted from his groin, which was as dark with hair as the rest of him, arrogant and potent in its length and thickness.


‘I have no protection.’ he said.


She nodded and told him it was ok. Kelly did not want to have anything between them and her intuition sung in concordance with her decision. He smiled and kissed her as she lifted her hips and reached down between his thick furred thighs and wrapped her fingers around the base of his cock. Kelly guided the head of his cock inside her as she sighed and felt him push forwards. John gave a thick grunt as he struggled to control himself, exhaling as Kelly felt him shudder inside her. He took a deep breath and eased himself inside her until his cock was buried to the hilt before he withdrew, the head of his cock remained inside her, held by the suckling liquid tension of her soaked pussy and the clenching muscles. He looked into her eyes and thrust himself inside her, still cautious and restrained even as she watched his face tighten into a mask of focused concentration. She nodded at him, fingers stroking across his arms where she held on. They rocked back and forth, Kelly moving her hips to take him deeper inside her and urging him with her eyes to go harder.


He nodded and grinned, flushed with the effort as he moved inside her. She raised her legs and hooked her ankles over the backs of his calves which made for a delicious friction between her clit and his groin. His thrusts found a spot on her anterior wall which sent exquisite sensations through her body, the impending rumbling of a summer storm in the distance. Between the two contrasting but complementary sensations, Kelly caught the stirring signs of her orgasm as she turned her head and kissed him on the cheek before whispering in his ear.


‘I‘m going to come.’


He gave a hasty nod without missing a stroke before she clung to him and surrendered to the explosions of her body. It surged within her as she cried out, loud and strident as she shook with the force of it, pressing her face to his as he pumped with urgency inside her. She felt herself gushing over the length of his cock as she came and when he whispered he was close, she gave an anxious nod before feeling him tense up as he lifted his head and cried out. Kelly felt him spurt inside her as he wrapped his arms around her, tight enough to take her breath away.


He fell onto her, as their limbs intertwined in a perspiring, flushed knot of mutual relief as they kissed one another, whispering sweet non sequiturs before John lifted himself onto one elbow and touched her face. His expression was tender, almost pensive and Kelly asked him if he was okay. He grinned at her.


I want to talk to you about something.’ he said.


Kelly fought a tight burst of anxiety but nodded, touching him to ensure he was real.

‘We will get free of this, Kelly, I don’t know how but we’re leaving here and we’ll figure it out on the way.’


Kelly blinked away tears but John kissed them away as she held him onto him and nodded.


‘I feel safe with you, John. I don’t know how we will do it, but I want to stay with you.’ she said.


They remained locked into one another until sleep overcame them.


When she awoke, John was there and she watched him. His face was relaxed, youthful and ancient at the same time without the constant necessity of control straining and testing him. She laid on her side and decided, whatever happened, she would go with him.


She got up and used the bathroom, wincing at a sore patch of skin on the small of her back when she sat down on the toilet. Kelly looked in the mirror, turning her head to check and seeing a small red mark just above the cleft of her buttocks. She smiled, recalling how she had not known of anything beyond their coupling and put it down to a sin of enthusiasm on his part. She padded back to the bedroom and watched him sleep before she wandered into the kitchen and made coffee for them. Kelly rolled a cigarette from the pouch on the table and lit it as she looked outside as the day began.


Kelly felt a fierce and unambiguous joy of still being alive. She smelled pine and good, clean earth, wished they could stay here forever, just the two of them but eventually, someone would come for them and they would be better prepared.


She thought about her situation and how she could get them both free of it.



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