mine to give

Your sweetness,

The silvery dance of your thoughts,

The bubbling music of your laughter,

Attributes to be admired,

But, baby girl, they inspire

An assertion of my own power,

And it lends speed and strength to my hands

Talking in low, soft whispers,

Growling as I give voice

To the beast within me,

Enough danger to test,

Without negotiation,

I take what is mine,

Not what is offered

Breathing in the musk

Of your arousal

How little you hide from me,

Offering your transgressions,

Traded for the sweet sting of

My attentions

I arrange and control you,

Each blow,

Each caress

Takes you deeper into your


And even your breath

Is mine to command

As the sweet fire of your release

Swims through your body,

Know, baby girl, know

It is

Mine to give.


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