beauty, love, lust, poetry, sex, women

a divine dance

beneath my fingers, soft whispers translated into pleas and how you open to me, ceaseless and abundant, i am drunk with your pleas for release and in their denial, how the pleasure would pick you up between its teeth and shake the goddess to the surface

I can be so mean in pursuit of it, can’t I

pressing you against the wall, and the oil of you against me, a heat which seeps into me and exercising such care, a strength wielded but not always controlled. no clumsiness in this beyond the urgency and you cling to me, smelling of sex and honey and oil

please you whisper please

speaking through actions here, whispering to you how you can’t escape telling you no and wielding it, how it inflames you as you buck against me and i pull you close because it is mine  i want the feminine divine within you all over my hands and again i say no

deny you three times, like in the bible but

at the last

yes you cling to me and i feel the burn of your nails in the meat of

my shoulders and i feel no pain

i have seen the ocean

the storm

and i did not burn offerings

for its arrival

i stood before you and

instructed you

and you surrendered

with a warrior’s



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