to hurt

throw you around

to make you feel

what lives within me

without apology

taking what i want

seeing the challenge in

your eyes how your lips

curl as my fingers close

around your throat

because my hand cups you

and i ask you

who this belongs to,

and you pull away

but the smile stays on

and you tell me

it’s mine

but Daddy has to hurt you

a little just to make sure

and it is play

with the focus of theatre

but how it speaks to the ache

within you

tell me again as

I use you for what

you were made for

my pleasure,

impulse harnessed to

intention and you

shuddercome beneath me

hands wrapped in mine

as the adversarial moment

passes in favour of

something sweet and fine

the prize of my tenderness

as i fill you

to the brim


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