Love Like Jazz

My love is like


Fingers plucking

Thrumming you

The heat rising

In your belly



(How many encores do you think you can manage?)

In the private performance

Where the dissonances

Are just phrases to me

And I pedal the notes

Rising but not rushing

Listening to every note you

Play and don’t

You need to explode past the

Key you’re in

Accompanied and soloist

You are in my pocket

Long drawn notes of


(Stay in the same key baby girl)

And I nod from across the phrase we are in

And you take

Flight on wings

Of synaptic fire,

Glide across

Like pitched but what it feels

Like a new symphony

Performed and we are

The only ones to hear it

In a different key


Swaggering as you collapse against me

Fade out but we play for a long time




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