No lies rest upon my lips

My kisses taste only

Of truth,

I am nameless to eternity

Vibrating between light and darkness,

Good and evil,

I raise flames of passion with my touch,

Something ancient and timeless

Speaks to you in my voice,

And how those who carry the biers

To a final resting place,

Praise my name,

Crowned with wisdom,

I set forth my will as instructions,

I know the path ahead,

And in walking, so each step

Brings me closer

Ever closer,

And I will meet you in dream

If not in person

For to sit with me

Is to know the truth of

Passion and safety

Intertwined with one another

Worship the gods within one another,

Until we sweat and scour

The demons from our bones

Come to me, o goddess

A god awaits

Your beautiful attention

Pray to me with your body,

And I will feed you

Leave you full

If I ever leave


( if you enjoy my work and want to buy me a coffee


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