1. Wear your hair down so it flows through my fingers and gives me the purchase to make you sigh with pleasure each time I pull it.
  2. Drink plenty of water and eat healthily. My attention takes many forms, protean and sourced in a quiet, gentle authority.
  3. Wear the clothes I have picked out for you. These are not the needy bleats of a weak man but someone who wants to see you for the candied delight you are.
  4. Wear the same shade of lipstick as the mark I leave you with.
  5. Perform the role with the unbearable lightness of play until you tingle when I say your name. Play little, play whore, so long as it flows from the secret rivers of your heart.
  6. Tell me what it feels like to be pinned beneath me, urgent verging on brutal as you become open, juicy verging on divine.
  7. Call me by my name.
  8. Close the door on thought, I offer feeling, safety to be without judgement or recrimination.
  9. Tell me when you’re thinking about me. When you’re scared or sick. Rest safe in my attention even as the force of it leaves marks red as the fourth instruction.
  10. Know within surrender, there is freedom.
  11. The rest is actions and you will feel me with the simplest of ways.





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