I tell myself

I can bear

The distance

From my past

How life has changed.

Now I have broken

My crown

Taken off my cloak

And found my

Inner divinity

But to rule,

Even over oneself

Is to be apart

And even the politest retreat

Stings but you never tell

Them that.

I lift my shield

Or I will be carried

Home upon it

I’ve known the appeal of

Both outcomes

But battle continues

And I have not

Accepted defeat


2 thoughts on “Crown

  1. This reads as a testament of strength, but then you drop in the ‘Yet’ and that strength is shown to be built on insecure foundations. It opens with promise, but closes with an uncomfortable air of inevitability. I hope this is you skillfully using your ever-increasing craft of storytelling, and not the momentary deviation of a journal entry.


    1. No, it was a choice in the poem which lent it vulnerability. The juxtaposition always interested me as a stylistic choice and reflection. Thank you for the insight though, it’s great you respond to my writing.

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