Lights The Sky 

The feline

Length of your thigh

Underneath my hand

A playful rest

After the teasing tests

You give

But I remain unshaken

Stirred by you

You nestle close,

Warm surrender

Makes my hunger

Uncoil like a bear

From hibernation

My breath grows

Short from want

And what was

Soft and quiet

Becomes something

Assertive for I

Know my strength

And in offering it,

I hold nothing back

For I offer animal comfort

In knowing myself

A glorious certainty

To thrash against

Be the chaos you keep

Hidden and I remain

Unyielding in the play

Of our polarity

And as you spill

Like wine against my rough


We become urgent

With unspoken sweetness

And you, 

Will do as I tell you

With a grin which

Lights the sky

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