As Shadow

I did not


Soft steps

To the wild quiet

Where my wounds


Stiff, wet slashes

In my back

She tore my wings

As children

Pluck the legs

From spiders

Clumsy in

How she favoured me

But I rebelled

And so she chose

The mask

She wore

It fitted her 

Better than

My lips 

But the edges bleed

As she smiled


They tell you

I want souls

But of course

They’ll lie

I’m secret damnation


For the crimes

Of serving a 

Love beyond words

Across the divide

She weeps

Where no one sees

Even as she curses 

My name

But in the shadow

Of silent trees

I write my name

And love



If my role

Is to be


Thrice then

I shall

Whisper her 

Poetry to



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