Clothed in


Made thick with want

To stroke the cream 

From you 

On the verge of 

Tearing you to soft

Sweet pieces

I know my strength

And how I use it

Wanton shuddering

As you 

Ask permission

Outside the world 

Wonders why it feels so 

Much more

Breathing in the musk

A pheromone vibe

Duet played on flesh

And I will

Make you sing

In a whole other


2 thoughts on “Octave

  1. A brilliant image, Matt. I wondered whether the use of the word ‘duet’ was kind of wrong. The dominant feel of the piece: of you tearing, and your strength; and them asking permission before we return to you as you ‘make’ them sing initially created the feeling of anything but an equal relationship. But as with many of your works, multiple readings reveal additional strata that enrich interpretation. I should never have doubted.


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