Fluid Magic – Sir 2.0

If you took one of the red gelatine capsules and pulled it apart, you would find nothing inside. The capsules are the smallest size available. They hold a capacity for 200mg, but for what Daddy is hoping to achieve, is almost infinite.

A nanobot is a robot in miniature. They measure 1000th of a micron, which is a 1000th of a milligram or millimetre.  There were 2000000 of them inside each capsule.

Each of them performs a series of specific tasks. They remained inert, floating in your bloodstream until a series of binary instructions,starting with a slap on a new-born’s ass.

Your orgasm when Daddy put his hand inside you was the catalyst.

The machines awoke, working to a set of instructions and moved out through your pores into the air and reproduced. They formed duplicates from the atoms around them and hung suspended in the air around you as Daddy held you in his arms, an invisible web of perfect purpose.

Their inertia was deliberate. Each of them held half of a series of commands, in themselves random and illogical strings of numbers, unless the other half of the equation applies to them.

The inert machines which live inside Daddy require an orgasm to kick start their engines, each of them holding half of the equation. No code is original, and the best ones steal from other, older programs to save time and make it more effective.

When you ask him what consequences he faces if he’s caught, he doesn’t tell you but he struggles to meet your gaze as he bites the inside of his cheek.

He takes your hands in his and kisses you, soft and gentle lips pressed against yours as his hands stroke along the pulse of your throat.

‘Traffic light?’ you say.

He grins and kisses you again.

‘Green, baby girl.’

You smile and gaze into his eyes.

‘Do I have permission to touch you, Daddy?’

He grins and sits on the couch, still warm from where you writhed with pleasure, both altar and goddess. He tells you yes. The permission is everything for you, not from weakness but from the strength to remain sourced in your surrender. To be acted upon, to channel the nurturing, wild feminine within you and have it flourish in your own liberation, temporal, spiritual and physical.

You tell him to lay back, straddling his shins as you run your fingers up the hard, furred planes of his stomach. The hair is soft beneath your fingertips set on a bed of taut muscle and he shudders with anticipation as you sigh with a deep, primal delight. You move your hands over his pectorals, pushing against the bars through his nipples and tugging on them with a light, deft pinch as he lifts his hips against you. You reach for the fly and your fingers shake with a nervy, ribald anticipation as you stroke the outline of his cock through the material where it lays to the left. He gazes into your eyes, letting you see his want and nerves firing and mingling within him. The teeth of his zipper part by degrees, the deliberate ease reflecting the portentous weight of the moment between you. The exchange of power between you has guided and nurtured you. Beneath his hands, Daddy has broken and rebuilt you, time and again, freeing you to take flight within yourself, away from the harsh light of reality.

There is adoration in his eyes as you reach into his fly and trace your fingers along his cock through his underwear. You raise yourself on your knees and lean forwards, tugging his trousers and underwear down as you hold his cock in your hands. Warm and febrile against your palm, it is an iron bar swathed in velvet, pulsing with arousal as you squeeze him there. You draw his foreskin back, teasing him with slow, limited strokes as you feel the pulse of his desire respond in time with your will. He asks you to raise up as he kicks off his trousers and underwear. You look to the bottle of lubricant, then back at him and he nods as you reach out to your right and grab the bottle. You upturn it and squirt a thick dollop of lubricant into the palm of your hand and apply a thick, even layer before you wrap your left hand around the base of his cock and with a worshipful regard, ease his foreskin downwards to uncover the swollen, glistening head of his cock.

You splay the fingers of your right hand, and lower your palm just above the engorged head of his cock. You brush your palm over the head in a light circling motion. He gasps and you stop but he nods his head, telling you to continue in a voice thick with awe and emotion. You massage the head of his cock with delicate brushes, adjusting your contact in line with his expression. His face is tight and he trembles against the power of your touch. It is intoxicating to have this power over him and how he gives it to you from a place of strength. He struggles to rein in his reactions, the increased sensitivity in his glans charging an impending orgasm which is yours to draw from him.

You take your left hand and stroke the puckered, tight skin of his scrotum, the swollen testicles throbbing at your touch as he growls with pleasure. His body is a perfect study in tension, muscles straining against his dark, furred skin. You circle your palm as you massage his testicles in small circular motions and the pumping pulse of his arousal grows in pace and rhythm. His cock is erect and throbbing, he trembles and there are tears in his eyes as he lays there, shuddering with the force of his arousal.

‘Baby girl.’

His voice is a rough whisper, punctuated by gasps of delight and you smile as you wrap your left hand around the base of his cock and keep circling your palm over the head as you massage him towards completion.

He bucks hard, back arching and hips punching upwards as you feel him shoot thick, hot come against the palm of your hand. The gelid, white strings of semen splash against your skin like egg whites and he comes in thick, powerful spurts as he cries out in an unhinged, animal roar of pleasure. You lick your palm clean, craving the texture and sweetness of his come as you gulp it down, the faint ammoniac smell contrasting with the sweetness and thickness of it on your tongue.  You swallow it down and exhale.

On your breath, the legions of machines, given life by his orgasm and information by yours fly into the air and you come up to hold him. He is flushed, eyes sparkling and mouth hung open. He does not move and his eyes stare out at nothing. You fight a sharp spike of fear which punches through your triumph as you rush to reassure him.

You say his name and he runs his tongue over his lips, before he gives a slow blink and you touch his cheek with your left hand.

‘Are you okay, Daddy?’

He nods, pulling you close and squeezing his eyes shut as he holds you. Being this close allows you to feel the subtle shuddering of his body and the hot splash of tears as he breathes in, deep and rasping as he holds you tight.

‘Yes, I am.’

You kiss him in pairs, one soft press of your lips against his face followed by a short, almost perfunctory kiss to finish it, the way you would place a period at the end of a sentence. You don’t want to leave him like this, but you’re aware the next stage requires theatrical separation whilst your actions weave their way through the software and hardware which allows Sir’s control of the world you inhabit.

He looks deep into your eyes.

‘When it falls apart, I will come find you.’

A brutal spasm of fearful, pre-emptive grief twists inside you but he shakes your head and pulls you tight.

He puts his mouth to your ear, tells you he loves you. You tell him back and he kisses you on the side of your head, tells you to be brave.

You leave, sticky and frightened, watching the lights which lead you back to your dormitory.

Waiting for things to fail.

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