Just A Trick

Unarmoured knight

King without a crown

Vagabond with a forwarding address.

Comfortable with


Ambiguity added me as a friend online

Explains to me

The constant changing nature of things

Tells me to remain

And progress

The patience of kindness

I have grand urges

My desire is red in tooth and claw

But i’m not made a clown

By it, rather it’s

An armour you can’t see

Fits over the places

Where I’ve been wounded

The hitch in my step,

The shine in my eyes,

Just a trick of the light,

Baby girl,




2 thoughts on “Just A Trick

  1. Fabulous. The whole piece reads very much as a confident affirmation of ones flaws, but then the end throws a curve ball that leaves us wondering whether that confidence is just a facade.


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